Environment Friend Bureau "EFB"​

Quality is a target.

Sustainable Development is a requirement.

A clean environment and healthy food Are “mission”

Environment Friend Bureau "EFB"

“EFB” One of the leading consultancy firms certified by National Center for Environmental Compliance (NCEC) Class A, since 2008. We are also certified by Saudi Food and Drug Authorization (SFDA) and IOS 9001 certified as well. EFB team focus on providing applicable solutions to customers in high quality and cost-effective based on sustainability. We emblement environment, economy, social and health to serve human beings to achieve sustainable development targets.

Our capabilities in the fields of environmental management systems (EMS), natural resource management, ecosystems, biodiversity, treatment of contaminated environments, environmental impact assessment (EIA), implementing of environmental legislations, geographic information systems (GIS), environmental auditing, can contribute to solving environmental issues at the local, regional and international levels.

We have a qualified and experienced team work, with deep knowledge and a good manner in environmental career.


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